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Jr. High School Summer Classes

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Due to school closures, we will not be offering our Jr. High Summer School program this summer.  


Wise parents know that summer is a great time to continue Jr. High education.
Jump Start or Firm Up
Mt. Helix Academy’s Jr. High Summer Program is the intelligent choice for motivated Jr. High students who want to get a “jump start” on next school year. Our program also provides important review classes for those students who struggled some during the last school year. Our program offers classes in mathematics and language arts.

Language Arts Classes
All classes are based on the relevant Common Core Language Arts Standards for the grade level. Computers will be provided by Mt. Helix Academy as necessary to facilitate student achievement in the classes. Students explore various literature genres and improve expository paragraphs and essays. If necessary, students firm up basic reading and writing skills, including reading fluency, reading comprehension, and expository writing.

Math Classes
All classes are based on the relevant Common Core Mathematics Standards for the grade level. All students will work on math facts fluency and other areas of weakness determined by an initial assessment. Special attention is given to operations involving fractions, decimals, and signed numbers. Computers will be provided by Mt. Helix Academy.

Schedule, Fees, and Sign-Up Form

Alison Young
Assistant Director

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Schedule of classes for Jr. High School Summer Program:
June 15-July 24 (no class on July 3, 2020)

The session is 6 weeks

Each class meets for an intensive 2-hour block

Language Arts: 8:00AM-10:00AM
Mathematics: 10:15AM-12:15PM

Cost per class: $850.00
A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is due on May 1, which will be credited to your account.
The remaining fee is due and payable on the first day of the Jr. High School Summer Program, which is June 15.
Please note there is a 3% surcharge on all credit card and debit card transactions.

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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