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Science & Technology

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Science = knowledge + methods + curiosity
Mt. Helix Academy’s Science Program teaches scientific knowledge, the skills to conduct scientific investigations, and, perhaps most importantly of all, fosters an interest in and curiosity about the world. Using the STEMScopes program, students are taught key scientific concepts and facts in Life Science,

Using a computer to solve problems,
to organize and display information is like learning a second language; the earlier one starts, the easier it is.

Earth Science, Physical Science, Environmental Science and Health and Nutrition in a scope and sequence that is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Students learn to apply scientific and engineering concepts to real-life situations.

Students are taught to think critically

Students are taught strategies in important study skills such as note taking, active reading of content area texts, finding information in a text, answering increasingly complex questions about what they are learning, and extending their learning by conducting research on topics of interest to them. Our students are challenged to use their critical thinking skills to solve hypothetical problems or generate inventive solutions to real world scientific issues. 

Systematic instruction in how to think scientifically
Using the Scientific Method, students pose questions, develop hypotheses, conduct research, test their hypotheses through in-depth, hands-on experiments and other laboratory activities, and finally, draw conclusions about their hypotheses based on interpretation of their data. In the Primary and Elementary modules these activities are conducted as whole class activities, as teachers guide their students through the steps of the Scientific Method. Beginning in Jr. High, students learn to conduct experiments and laboratory activities independently and in conjunction with their scientific studies.

Science Fair projects provide many valuable lessons
Each year, Mt. Helix Academy 7th and 8th graders complete a science fair project for possible entry in the Greater San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. Our students are regularly accepted into the Fair and recognized for the high quality of their projects. Per capita, Mt. Helix Academy has as many top winners of San Diego Science and Engineering Fair awards as any school in the area.

Tech savvy kids
The Computer Literacy Program at Mt. Helix Academy offers a basic introduction to many essential computer skills. Beginning at the primary level, students gradually build proficiency in keyboarding, word processing, computer graphics, Internet research, and coding. As students move into Jr. High, they create databases, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, and continue to hone their coding skills. Integrating computer skills with their Language Arts, Science and Social Studies classes, they create thematic projects and stories using clip art and text that help enhance the learning process.

Using computer technology, students develop creativity and visual communication skills, building sophisticated projects in web communication and design, video journalism, and coding/programming. By the time our eighth graders graduate, they have mastered computer skills that will support their educational goals and prepare them for a future that increasingly becomes more “high tech.”

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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