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Volunteers enhance the school’s vibrancy
We believe that parent volunteers are essential to the vibrancy of Mt. Helix Academy. All of our volunteers share a commitment to creating fun and happy experiences for the children, experiences that enrich their lives, ensure their success in school, and build wonderful memories of their school years. Parent volunteers participate in many and various school activities, with varying time commitments. Some of our parents help to serve hot lunch to our students and they do so as often as their time allows. Some volunteer their time as Room Parents and assist with special activities for the classroom, some represent the class at PTG meetings. Some parents prefer to contribute funds. Others prefer to contribute their time and energy. Either way, their contribution is important to us and we welcome it.

PTG volunteers
Participating in Mt. Helix Academy’s Parent-Teacher Group (PTG) is a wonderful way for parents to become actively involved with the school. According to its by-laws, PTG activities “promote and support the best educational environment possible for students attending Mt. Helix Academy.” Participation is truly fun; it is very rewarding; and, because it is vitally important to the unique quality of the school, PTG is greatly appreciated!

Each year, PTG volunteers organize several fabulously fun events, starting with a back-to-school get together. Then, there’s the Halloween Carnival, and the delicious “Fall Feast” for our students and their families just before the Thanksgiving holiday. PTG provides tremendous support to our students and teachers during Multicultural month and its culminating event at the end of March, our Multicultural Fair. See the Annual Events page for detailed description of the events, their schedule, and so on.

The PTG also sponsors a number of activities throughout the school year to raise funds in support of important school needs. Among these activities are the annual Bingo Night and the Jog-a-thon. With the funds raised, PTG has provided many valuable items for the school, including laptop computers, Smart Boards, document cameras, and an intercom system. In addition, it has provided valuable support to our Visual Arts program and provides financial assistance for the 5th grade trip to Boston and the Junior High School trip to Washington, D.C.

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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