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Mt. Helix Academy students waiting patiently for their turn at Four-Square–a “Peaceful Playground” moment.

Uniforms have a sound rationale
The purpose of the Mt. Helix Academy student uniform policy is to promote an effective learning environment for all students.

Uniforms must be worn daily
Students are required to wear a designated school uniform to school each day. Students are also required to wear appropriate uniform attire for all off-campus field trips and other events sponsored by the school, unless specifically notified otherwise.

Option for purchasing school uniforms:
Lands’ End School •

Desirable and optional are Mt. Helix Academy logos that are available from Lands’ End.

Lands’ End School •
Mt. Helix Academy Preferred school number: 9000-8056-5
3% of net sales are donated back to Mt. Helix Academy
Lands’ End School uniforms are also available at Sears.

School Spirit Day
Every Friday is “School Spirit Day” and, on Fridays only, T-shirts with the Mt. Helix Academy logo and blue jeans may be worn. Jeans must be solid color, without ornamentation, in good condition, and they must fit appropriately. Torn, sagging, or revealing jeans are not permitted.

Items Not Specifically Addressed by the Uniform Policy
Matters of dress, jewelry, make-up, hair color and style, and so on not specifically addressed by the Mt. Helix Academy uniform policy will be permitted or not permitted on campus as decided by the Director of Mt. Helix Academy, whose decision(s) will be based on the degree to which the Director believes that the style or accessory in question is disruptive to student safety or the learning environment at the school.

Violations of the Uniform Policy
If a student violates the school’s uniform policy or arrives at school in a manner of dress deemed inappropriate by the Director or designee, the parent or guardian will be notified. If a second offense occurs, the student will be required to change attire before being allowed in the classroom, or, if this is not possible, the student will be sent home.

School Uniform Guidelines

Tops that are acceptable
Solid burgundy, navy blue, or white, short or long-sleeved, collared polo shirts or long-sleeved turtleneck shirts
Mt. Helix Academy logo is the only logo that is acceptable
Mt. Helix Academy T-shirt on Fridays only

Pants that are acceptable
Solid khaki or navy blue
Uniform material (100% cotton, cotton/polyester)
Fitted at waist (Plain front, pleated front or elastic waist)

Shorts, skorts, skirts and jumpers that are acceptable
Solid navy blue, burgundy, or khaki uniform material (100% cotton, cotton/polyester)
Fitted at waist (Plain front, pleated front or elastic waist)
No shorter than 1 ” above knee

Outerwear that is acceptable
Midnight fleece Jacket-navy blue or burgundy
Navy blue or burgundy button up cardigan
Crew Neck-Mt. Helix Academy Sweatshirt

Outerwear that is NOT acceptable
Sports logos
Stripes or patterns

Socks that are acceptable
Plain, in white or the same color as the shirt or the same color as the bottoms
Ankle or knee length

Socks that are NOT acceptable
Stripes or designs
Any solid color other than those listed as acceptable
Lace trims

Shoes that are acceptable
Closed toe loafers or oxford-style shoes, with rubber soles

Shoes that are NOT acceptable
Work or combat-style boots
Platform or high-heeled shoes
Roller sneakers
Unacceptable colors – any colors other than those listed

Hats may be worn on the playground only. Hats may not be worn inside any school building.

Sunglasses may be worn on the playground only. Sunglasses may not be worn inside any school building.

Accessories that are acceptable
Post earrings
Clear nail polish
Solid color, plain belt in brown, black, or navy blue

Accessories that are NOT acceptable
Dangling or hoop earrings
Colored nail polish
Studded belts or belts with other ornamentation
Unusual hair coloring (e.g., red, green, blue, fluorescent colors, etc.)

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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