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Statement of mutual commitment

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"I agree to be the best student I can be."

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Before finalizing enrollment, and to be certain that parents, child, and school are in common agreement concerning the child’s enrollment in Mt. Helix Academy, all parties will agree to and sign a Statement of Mutual Commitment. Reprinted here is not the form itself, but the commitment statement to which all parties will agree.

Statement of Mt. Helix Academy’s commitment
Mt. Helix Academy agrees to provide the child with a quality education, which includes all of the following:
1. teaching skills and knowledge that will benefit the child as well as benefiting society;
2. using evidence-based methods to teach in the most efficient and effective manner available;
3. teaching in a manner that is as free of coercion and punishment as possible;
4. teaching by teachers who accept the responsibility for implementing effective education; and
5. communicating regularly with the child’s parents regarding the child’s education in a manner that praises progress and seeks to solve positively problems associated with unacceptable behavior or rates of learning.

Statement of parents’ commitment
We agree to provide our child the necessary assistance and positive encouragement concerning her/his education. We will respect school policy as it relates to our child and his/her classmates, and we agree to support the staff, administration, and program of Mt. Helix Academy. We will undertake a positive and productive dialogue with the school when raising, learning about, and/or jointly resolving any issue.

Statement of student’s commitment
I agree to try to be the best student I can be.
I will work hard to learn.
I will follow my teacher’s directions.
I will be a good friend to the other students.

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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