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Academic Achievement• Kindergarteners

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Trans-K kids learn to read

Trans-K kids learn to read. Each year, kids in the Trans-K and Kindergarten classes are given intensive instruction in reading. At first, students learn the sounds that letters typically make, so that they become really skilled decoders of text.

On entering kindergarten
The academic achievement of Mt. Helix Academy Kindergartners is truly remarkable. To start with, students entering our Kindergarten are not much different from beginning Kindergartners everywhere. Some know a few of the sounds corresponding to letters of the alphabet, and some can name a few of the letters, but only a rare student enters our Kindergarten as a proficient beginning reader.

Many entering Kindergarteners can count to 10 and can accurately identify how many items there are in a small group of items. A few can write some of the numerals up to 10, but they demonstrate next to no othermath skills. Some entering students can write their first name legibly, most can spell a word or two, and a few have not yet quite figured out to hold a pencil.

Much more than reading and math
In addition to their reading and math achievements, Mt. Helix Academy Kindergartners take great pride in their ability to write complete sentences with beautiful handwriting. They enthusiastically demonstrate their ability to name all fifty states and their capitals and to speak a bit of Spanish. They have acquired important study and organizational skills, which set them up for success in future grades, and perhaps most importantly of all their achievements, Mt. Helix Academy Kindergarteners have learned to love learning and can’t wait to get to school each day.

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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