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The Institute for Effective Education (TIEE)

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The parent organization of Mt. Helix Academy is The Institute for Effective Education (TIEE), a California non-profit corporation [501(c)(3)] in good standing since 1972.

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TIEE operates five schools, all of which are located in the San Diego area, including Children’s Workshop, Mission Valley Academy, COOK Education Center, and Urban Skills Center in addition to Mt. Helix Academy. Taken together, TIEE’s five schools educate virtually the entire range of talent to be found in K-12 education, including students in the “gifted and talented” range attending Mt. Helix Academy. All five schools are certified nonpublic, non-sectarian schools by the California Department of Education to serve students with special needs on contract with public school districts. 

Commitment to evidence-based education
TIEE has long had a commitment, which is forthrightly described in its Mission Statement, to providing education using methods and materials that are research validated. Applied Behavior Analysis methods, the Direct Instruction methods and materials developed by Zig Engelmann and his associates, and data-based instructional decision making have been the hallmark of TIEE’s schools since the early 1980’s. Because these methods are technical and are not commonly taught in teacher-training programs, TIEE has long had an intensive professional training component.

Team of talented trainers
Several of TIEE’s professional training team, including TIEE’s Executive Director, Hillary Whiteside, has conducted numerous workshops on research-validated teaching methods in San Diego, nationally, and internationally, and is an adjunct faculty member at San Diego State. 

“The most positive place I’ve ever seen”
All of TIEE’s schools can boast that they are “catch ’em being good” schools, where students are taught what to do and are praised for it. The same holds for staff members. The result: TIEE’s schools have been called “The most positive place I’ve ever seen.” We take deep pride in being positive, welcoming, educative organization that provides consistent support of its staff, its students, their families, and the education community.

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