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About Mt. Helix Academy

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Our positive ambience begins with our bright and welcoming facilities.

Mt. Helix Academy is a WASC-accredited, co-educational, and non-sectarian preparatory school that educates approximately 250 San Diego County students in Transitional Kindergarten – 9th grade. Located in La Mesa, CA, Mt. Helix Academy has been called “East County’s best-kept secret.”

A traditional private school
In many important respects, Mt. Helix Academy is a “traditional” private school.  Lessons make up the majority of each student’s day; classes are led by skilled teachers; instruction emphasizes the fundamental academic skills of reading, speaking and writing, mathematics, critical thinking and problem solving, and the traditional content areas such as history and science.

. . . and much more
Mt. Helix Academy goes way beyond traditional schooling because it is based on what the science of education tells us is effective, efficient, and enjoyable. We challenge our students with a curriculum and teaching methods designed to help students acquire academic skills and knowledge at faster rates than their age-mates at other schools. For example, we have 4th Graders taking Pre-Algebra, 6th Graders taking Algebra 2 and Geometry, 3rd Graders in 7th Grade level reading groups, and many other high achieving students.

A positive, welcoming school
We pride ourselves in being a very safe school. We believe that safety is supervision, safety is programmed activities in which everyone is taught what to do, and most importantly of all, safety is a positive welcoming environment in which everyone feels good about being there. That’s Mt. Helix Academy. A California State Department of Education visitor remarked: “It’s the most positive place I’ve ever been.”

Catch ‘em being goodQuote-about-landing
We are very positive. There is simply no derision. There are no “put downs.” There is no bullying either. Bullying is not tolerated. Our kids are taught to interact positively and how to solve their common problems peacefully.

Mastery learning
We provide small group instruction for basic skills so all students learn as quickly as they can and they master skills before moving on to learn new skills. Our teaching methods are evidence-based and our students excel year after year.

Unparalleled visual arts program
Students create frame-worthy art even in Kindergarten and their efforts progress stunningly as they learn more and more about what makes for visual art that is continuously pleasing to view.

Exciting music and performing arts program
Our music and performing arts program teaches music appreciation, and the emerging musical talent of our students has given us unforgettable performances. They have performed The Wizard of Oz, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and last year’s performance of Seussical The Musical to rave reviews.

AIM HIGH Resource Program
We do not allow our students to fall behind and we have AIM HIGH for students who need to catch up, so we provide tutoring or more intensive instruction.

Becoming a good person
We emphasize each student’s acquisition of skills in self-management, in social interaction, and in ethical conduct. We want Mt. Helix Academy students to do well in any school they may enter and, above all, we want them to become highly regarded, contributing members of our community.

And still more

I really love my new school! Thank you mommy for picking the best school for me. Mt. Helix Academy student
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