Why Our Kids Attend Mt. Helix Academy

December 26th, 2015 by admin

Tracey Singer, MBA
Promotions Coordinator

My wife and I  attended public school as children but we both feel that the world has changed, so nine years ago when we were considering our first child’s education opportunities we explored a variety of options. One of those, though not a high one on our list at the time, was Mt. Helix Academy. Based on a friend’s recommendation, we did take a look.

We walked in to our scheduled tour agreeing that we could not afford the school. 45 minutes later, we walked out agreeing that we could not afford NOT to find a way to send our daughter to Mt. Helix Academy. We were blown away.  Not only by the little Kindergarteners who were already reading but also by how focused the kids were, how caringly the teachers spoke to them and, most importantly, how happy the kids all looked!

So we reevaluated our finances and shifted our focus to education – and believe me, with four kids now, it’s taken a lot of planning and sacrifice. It’s a sacrifice we will never regret. Our 8th grade daughter could not be better prepared for high school academically, socially, and in her confidence in advocating for herself with teachers, and there has never been a question in her mind about going on to college. Our son took Pre-Algebra in the 4th grade (the school lets kids work at their level rather than having to keep everyone in a giant classroom working at the same level) and he is now getting A’s in Algebra 2 – as a 6th grader! He and a few of his 6th grade classmates are working at such a high level that their teachers will have to adjust and teach them a higher level of math over the next two years – but adjust they will. That wouldn’t happen at most other schools. Our 3rd grade daughter is working in both reading and math at a 6th grade level and seems to be on the same math path as my son. Our youngest daughter is in 1st grade and walks around the school with such a big smile and such a confident stride you would think she runs the place. It’s the way the teachers make the kids feel about themselves.

We send our kids to Mt. Helix Academy. We don’t take big, elaborate vacations. We still drive the same car we drove to our school tour nine years ago. We bought our house before we had kids, assuming we were going to be a two-kid family. We changed our minds and ended up having four – but we still live in the same house. Sometimes we talk about how if we had chosen another path for our children’s education we could have that bigger house and more space. However we never have that discussion with even a bit of regret. Our kids have the world in front of them and the confidence to do anything they want. Our decision nine years ago to send our daughter to Mt. Helix Academy was based on one thought: we only get one chance to provide an education for our kids to set them up for success in life. All six of us are so very happy we made the choice we made.