Studying the A “Bee” C’s for the GeoBee

January 22nd, 2015 by admin

Studying place-names will eventually build a mental map in your brain.  Quickly you will be able to picture where the place is, what it’s near, who lives there and a whole lot more.  This is vital for identifying the relative locations of a place.


Study Tip #3:  The next step is to add more physical and cultural depth to these mental maps.


Physical Features
–  Vegetation Zones
    –  Forest
    –  Grassland
    –  Desert
    –  Tundra
Physical Features
–  Climate Zones
   –  Tropical
   –  Dry
   –  Temperate
   –  Continental
  –  Polar



Cultural Features
–  Population Density
–  Asia is the most populated continent
–  Australia is the least populated continent
Cultural Features
–  Religion.  All major religions originated in Asia
–  Christianity
–  Hinduism
–  Judaism
–  Buddhism
–  Islam
–  Shinto
–  Taoism
–  Confucianism



Cultural Features
–  Languages
–  There are 1000’s of languages but there are only 12 major language families.


Economic Features
–  Transportation
   –  Learn about major trade routs by land, sea and air.


Economic Features
–  Commerce
    –  Learn the major crops, minerals, and products that countries produce and export.