“You do what you say you do”

February 20th, 2014 by Ken Traupmann, Ph.D.

Mt. Helix Academy and the other TIEE schools (www.TIEE.org) have been visited and reviewed many times by competent educators and other professionals.  Numerous commendations have resulted from these visits.  Among them, one of my personal favorites is “you do what you say you do.

It’s a matter of pride that we have a coherent approach to educating the students we are privileged to teach.  We are aware that doing what we say we do is rather unique in the education world and we are also aware that what we say and what we do are even more unique.

Our viewpoint is derived from a scientific, or evidence-based approach to education, child rearing, health, and other issues that we believe are relevant to families of young children.  This blog will offer the opportunity for us to tell you our views and it will offer you the opportunity to comment on them.

We intend to have a variety of themes run through this blog, with articles on one or more of the themes written by one of our staff members or a parent of one of our students.  We also believe it will be informative as well as consistent with our view to have some of the articles written by our students.   We care greatly that our students like school and like acquiring new skills, challenging as learning sometimes is, so we hope that message will come through in their writings.

Meanwhile, if you have an issue you want us to discuss, let us know.  Respond to this blog or send an email to Director Mike Collins (mcollins@tiee.org) or Assistant Director Alison Young (ayoung@tiee.org).