Kindergartners Get Real Life Science Lesson at Oma’s Dairy Farm

January 15th, 2014 by admin

Kindergartners line up for a group shot at Oma's Dairy Farm

Kindergartners line up for a group photo to show how much fun they had at Oma’s Dairy Farm

In Science, our Kindergarten students have learned that many different kinds of plants and animals inhabit the earth. The students also acquired the skills to observe and describe the similarities and differences in the appearance and behavior of plants and animals. The unit focused on plant and animal needs and how plants and animals change as they grow.

To give our students a first-hand look at plant and animal growth, we thought it would be a valuable educational experience to take them to a real live working dairy farm. So we loaded up the bus and headed out to Oma’s Dairy Farm and pumpkin patch in Lakeside.

Oma’s Dairy Farm offers a hands-on program about how pumpkins grow; a real tractor-drawn hayride that features a guided tour through the cow corrals and the calves raising station; a hay-bale maze; a petting pen with baby goats, chickens, ducks, and piglets; cottonseed mountain where kids can have unlimited saucer rides; an
activity-filled playground; and, of course, the pumpkin patch!

Our students loved everything about the field trip including the bus ride. Lincoln said, “I liked to see the cute little pigs and other animals!” Maxwell said, “I can’t believe I got to play tether ball surrounded by farm animals and pumpkins!” Our field trip to Oma’s was a moooooooooooving experience for our kids who had a genuine farm experience that complemented their science unit.